Geordies invited to collaborate with revered architects to design future of Quayside

The consultation period is starting with a ‘Maptionnaire’

The future of Quayside is in your hand (Image: Getty Images)

Newcastle residents are being given the chance to shape the future of the Quayside by working alongside world-leading architects.

NE1 has appointed Gehl Architects, experts in 'place-making', to help design how Newcastle's iconic Quayside will look in years to come.

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The architects have promised to work alongside local businesses and residents to identify what needs to change and how to make the area a better place to be.

The Gehl Architects have worked on similar projects in Copenhagen, Melbourne and New York, succeeding in pedestrianising the latter's Times' Square.

To kick off the consultation, an online questionnaire has already been launched.

It's being called a Maptionnaire and aims to get a wide range of ideas and perspectives from the public.

Following the Maptionnaire, Gehl will run a series of workshops in Newcastle in February to further explore the ideas.

They will report on their findings in early spring, identifying the key principles and themes on how the area can evolve in the future.

The Quayside is a cultural hub to the city with events such as the Quayside Seaside and the recent Last Light City showcasing its potential.

The architects have worked on Times Square (Image: Shutterstock)

Commenting on Gehl’s appointment and the appeal for the public to get involved with the consultation, Stephen Patterson, Chief Executive of NE1 said: “Over the next 5-10 years, in excess of £750m worth of investment is planned on the north and south banks of the Tyne, underlining the huge transformation that will happen in the area.

"It is the bits between the buildings, our civic space that stitches all of these amazing developments together.

"We need to think and plan for how the Quayside in its entirety is equipped for the future and this is the beginning of that conversation.

“We all have our own thoughts and views on what we love, and what could be better about Newcastle’s Quayside. It’s now time to share them.

"We want to hear from as many people as possible about what they want to see on the Quayside, and we want people to be passionate, bold and ambitious."

The lasers are lighting up the city tonight (Image: Newcastle City Council)

Ewa Westermark, who is leading on the Quayside project at Gehl said: “Newcastle is an amazing city and we are proud to be working on this fantastic project with NE1 and the people of Newcastle.

"It is an iconic location that is recognised the world over, but most importantly, it belongs to the people of the North East.

"Newcastle’s Quayside already has many of the hallmarks of an internationally significant waterfront destination with so many natural assets; stunning views, architecture both old and new, and iconic bridges.

"Newcastle has huge untapped potential, all the ingredients are there."

You can take part in the Maptionnaire here.