Heaton school bans parents from using cars at drop-off

A new green scheme aims to cut pollution and get kids active

A Heaton school has become the first in Newcastle to adopt the new School Streets scheme and ban cars from dropping children off.

The campaign is being run by charity Sustrans alongside Newcastle City Council and aims to make the roads safer and healthier.

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The streets outside Hotspur Primary School are closed from 8 am to 9:30 am and 2:30 pm to 4 pm to encourage families to come to school in greener ways.

Of course, access to the roads is still permitted for vehicles belonging to local residents, school staff, emergency services and blue badge holders.

Hotspur Primary School Headteacher Kevin McVittie said: "It certainly does reduce the air pollution in the area.

"Before the implementation of the scheme these streets would be filled with cars right now and unfortunately sometimes there would be incidents of cars left with their engines running too."

The pupils at the junior school are also backing the scheme and shared their appreciation of the safer streets.

Children cut the ribbon to celebrate th oepning of the scheme

Martha and Aida: "Obviously, it's to make ourselves more active and it's a lot less dangerous.

"I know a few people who have had to run across because there have been cars.

"Also, when we are playing in the playground or when we do PE the air pollution will be better."

Martha and Aida are happy about the scheme

Freddie added: "It's helping the environment and making people lots more safe and not scaring people who think they might get run over by a car."

The scheme was officially opened at a ribbon-cutting event last week.

Jonah Morris of Sustrans said: "On Monday we had a load of children arriving at school by active means.

"Parents really see the benefit of their children having a safe space to arrive at school."