Newcastle Airport issues renewed advice to travellers ahead of scorching summer

Newcastle Airport had avoided the travel chaos seen elsewhere in the UK this year

Newcastle International Airport has issued renewed advice to travellers as temperatures climb to lofty new heights this summer.

The North Eastern airport has so far avoided the crush seen at other locations such as Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester Airport.

A heatwave is set to hit the UK at the end of the weekend and into next week as the summer of 2022 continues to be a balmy one.

The Met Office warns ‘danger to life’ ahead of blazing temperatures in Newcastle">Met Office has introduced an amber weather warning ahead of temperatures in Newcastle rising above 30 degrees.

The warning predicts "delays to road, rail and air travel with potential for welfare issues for those who experience prolonged delays".


However, Newcastle International Airport has reassured those jetting off for summer holidays to keep calm and continue as normal.

A spokesperson at Newcastle International said: "We would advise passengers to arrive at the Airport as normal.

"With 98% of passengers getting through security in six minutes or less, they can expect to move swiftly through to the departure lounge, which we will aim to be as comfortable as is possible over what will be a very hot few days.

"All of our food and beverage outlets are happy to provide free tap water to help people stay hydrated."

Newcastle Airport fared far better than most airports across the UK during a hectic April

Earlier this year Newcastle International Airport ranked as the nation's third best airport in a survey conducted by The Telegraph.


The survey found that 86.6% of flights leave Newcastle on time with the average delay time just a mere eight minutes.

The airport also performed well in categories for the ratio of food outlets to passengers and power outlets available to customers.

London City Airport and Gatwick Airport ranked first and second in that list, although it was conducted before the air travel chaos seen elsewhere in the UK this summer.