Newcastle local election candidates 2022: who is standing in my local council election, and when is the vote?

Seats in councils across Tyneside are to be contested
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The local elections have arrived, and wards in areas across Newcastle and the wider area are up for grabs.

Here are the candidates who are standing for wards in Newcastle City, Gateshead, North Tyneside and South Tyneside Councils.

When is the 2022 local elections?

The 2022 local elections take place on Thursday, 5 March.

Polling stations will be open between 7am and 10pm.

Who is standing in Newcastle City Council wards?

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One third of the city council’s seats are being contested in 2022, which equates to 27 seats. There will be at least one seat in each of the city council’s wards.

Below is a list of the candidates running in the election, the name of their party or if they are standing as an independent and the ward they hope to represent.

Arthur’s Hill

Maggie Birkmyre (Conservative)

Joseph Eldridge (Newcastle Independents)

Tom Registe (Green)

Abdul Samad (Labour)

Tahir Siddique (Liberal Democrats)

Benwell and Scotswood

Note that this ward has two vacant seats that are being contested on 5 May.

Hans-Christian Andersen (Liberal Democrats)

Susan Anthony (Labour)

John Gordon (Newcastle Independents)

Tony Roberts (Green)

Richard Scholfield (Liberal Democrats)

Connor Shotton (Conservative)

Hazel Stephenson (Labour)

Kenneth Wake (Conservative)


Hamed Aghajani (Liberal Democrats)

Simon Bell (Conservative)

Annie Hunter (Newcastle Independents)

Juna Sathian (Labour)


Phill James (Green)

Stephen Psallidas (Liberal Democrats)

Stephen Sheraton (Byker)

Richard Tulip (Conservative)

Callerton and Throckley

Sarah Armstrong (Newcastle Independents)

John Dobie (Conservative)

Steve Fairlie (Labour)

Idwal John (Green)

Richard Morris (Liberal Democrats)


Vince Barry-Stanners (Labour)

Thom Campion (Liberal Democrats)

Jeanette Holmes (Freedom Alliance)

Andrew Thorp (Green)

John Watts (Conservative)


Oskar Avery (Labour)

Marc Donnelly (Independent)

Ian Forster (Conservative)

James Milne (Green)

Judith Steen (Liberal Democrats)

Dene and South Gosforth

Nick Arnold (Labour)

Alistair Ford (Green)

Gerry Langley (Conservative)

Wendy Taylor (Liberal Democrats)

Denton and Westerhope

Elizabeth Dicken (Liberal Democrats)

Alexis Fernandes (Conservative)

Dan Greenhough (Labour)

Adam Mitchell (Newcastle Independents)


David Faulkner (Liberal Democrats)

Mirian Mafemba (Labour)

Saamiya Malik (Conservative)

Peter Thomson (Green)

Fawdon and West Gosforth

Stephen Axford (Conservative)

Michael Bell (Labour)

Brenda Hindmarsh (Liberal Democrats)

Roger Whittaker (Green)


Doc Anand (Conservative)

Milo Barnett (Labour)

Colin Ferguson (Liberal Democrats)

Frances Hinton (Green)

Brian Moore (North East Party)


Mel Bishop (Conservative)

Lara Ellis (Labour)

Andrew Gray (Green)

Steve Handford (Communist Party of Britain)

Fiona Punchard (Liberal Democrats)


Iain Adams (Conservative)

Robert Austin (Liberal Democrats)

Ged Bell (Labour)

Kingston Park South and Newbiggin Hall

Leanne Conway-Wilcox (Conservative)

George Pattison (Labour)

Colin Steen (Liberal Democrats)


Kat Brenna (Green)

Nix Joanne (Newcastle Independents)

Zak Mudie (Conservative)

Robert Petrie (Liberal Democrats)

Barry Phillipson (Labour)

Manor Park

Stephen Barry-Stanners (Labour)

Stephen Dawes (Conservative)

Doreen Huddart (Liberal Democrats)

Mike Rabley (Green)


Ian Appleby (Green)

Jane Byrne (Labour)

William Hayes (Conservative)

David Partington (Liberal Democrats)

North Jesmond

Philip Browne (Liberal Democrats)

Dom Eiben (Reform UK)

Shehla Naqvi (Green)

Stella Postlethwaite (Labour)

Aaron Whelan Harvey (Conservative)


Mike Cookson (Liberal Democrats)

Nick Hartley (Green)

Paula Holland (Labour)

Alex Wang-Evans (Conservative)


Robin Ashby (Liberal Democrats)

Christopher Bartlett (Labour)

Andrew Burnett (Conservative)

John Hall (Newcastle Independents)

Audrey Macnaughton (Green)

South Jesmond

Tom Appleby (Liberal Democrats)

Joshua Clark (Conservative)

Laura Cummings (Labour)

Tim Dowson (Green)


Bill Shepherd (Liberal Democrats)

John Stokel-Walker (Labour)

Marie Summersby (Conservative)

Tom Whatson (Green)


Deborah Gallagher (Liberal Democrats)

Stephen Oxborough (Conservative)

Doug Paterson (Green)

Stephen Laird Wood (Labour)

West Fenham

Andrew Ehala (Northern Independence Party)

Raja Khan (Conservative)

Karen Kilgour (Labour)

PJ Morrissey (Liberal Democrats)

Tay Pitman (Green)


Kami Kundi (Liberal Democrats)

Joyce McCarty (Labour)

Who are the candidates standing for Gateshead Council seats?

A seat for each of the 22 Gateshead Council wards will be contested on 5 May.

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Here are the candidates in the running for each of the wards within the council.


Paul Thomas Elliot (Liberal Democrat)

Richard Andrew Herdamn (Conservative)

Daniel Weatherley (Labour)


Ruth Marie Ashford (Green)

Lee-Ann Moir (Labour)

Kamil Tankiewicz (Liberal Democrat)

Susan Mary Wilson (Conservatve)


Martin Backley (Conservative)

Gareth Cooper (Liberal Democrat)

Angela Douglas (Labour)

Chopwell and Rowlands Gill

John Michael Aspinall (Green)

Lynne Margaret Caffrey (Labour)

Jean Margaret Callender (Liberal Democrat)

Brian David Derrick (Conservative)


Maureen Irene Goldsworthy (Labour)

Thomas Fredrick Newell (Green)

David Potts (Conservative)

Marika Smith (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Norman Spours (Liberal Democrat)

Crawcrook and Greenside

Christopher Anthony Coxon (Conservative)

Oliver Christopher Martin Wiliam Jones-Lyons (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)

Hugh Peter Kelly (Labour)

Jack Phillipson (Green)


Garry Rutherford Brooks (Green)

Martin Gannon (Labour)

Norman Hall (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Matthew Robert Jordison (Liberal Democrat)

Josh Alan Knotts (Conservative)

Dunston and Teams

Andy Blanchflower (Green)

Dot Burnett (Labour)

Beth Gordon (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)

Jordan-Lee Guthrie (Conservative)

Dunston Hill and Whickham East

Isabel Mary Blanchflower (Green)

Jack Hocking (Conservative)

Andrew Dylan Moir (Labour)

Amelia Louise Ord (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)

Graham Steele (Save Us Now)


Bill Dick (Labour)

David Gilson Fawcett (Liberal Democrat)

Neil Campbell Grant (Green)

Peter Crompton Jackson (Conservative)

High Fell

Francis Thomas Athey (Conservative)

Elaine Brunskill (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Judith Francesca Therese Gibson (Labour)

Thomas Karl Holder (Liberal Democrat)

Gabriel Rubinstein (Green)


Daniel James Clarke (Liberal Democrat)

Sheila Everatt (Conservative)

Jane McCoid (Labour)

Ashleigh Taylor Mclean (Green)

Lobley Hill and Bensham

Kevin Michael Dodds (Labour)

John Rogan Gardiner (Conservative)

Andy Redfern (Green)

Jamie Rickelton (Liberal Democrat)

Low Fell

Mark Andrew Gorman (Green)

Calvin Kenneth Joseph Lawson (Labour)

Paul Sterling (Conservative)

Dawn Elizabeth Welsh (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)

Pelaw and Heworth

Ali Reza Akbari Pargam (Conservative)

Anne Adelaide Wheeler (Labour)

Amanda Renee Wintcher (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)

Ryton, Crockhill and Stella

Ros Cooper (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Lyneda Ann Duggan (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)

Freda Geddes (Labour)

Andrew Mason (Green)

Louise Beatrice Prince (Conservative)


Robert Ableson (Conservative)

John Frederick Adams (Labour)

Leanne Mary Brand (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)

Rachel Mary Cabral (Independent)

Craig Edward Gallagher (Save Us Now)

Wardley and Leam Lane

John Robert McNeil (Conservative)

Sharron Louise Potts (Labour)

Alan Kevin Price (Green)

Robinson Geoffrey Stanaway (Liberal Democrat)

Whickham North

Jeff Bowe (Labour)

John Callanan (Conservative)

Peter Thomas Craig (Liberal Democrat)

Whickham South and Sunniside

Michael Alan Hall (Labour)

Helen McDonald (Green)

Marilyn Ord (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)

Perry Wilson (Conservative)

Windy Nook and Whitehills

Tom Graham (Labour)

Ruth Christina Grant (Green)

Kyle Lambert Murray (Conservative)

Susan Walker (Liberal Democrat)

Winlaton and High Spen

Pamela Marie Burns (Labour)

Paul Martin McNally (Green)

Lewis Ormston (Conservative)

David Graham Randall (Liberal Democrats)

Who are the candidates for North Tyneside Council?

North Tyneside Council consists of 20 wards, and one third of the council seats will be contested on 5 May.

Here are the candidates in each ward.

Battle Hill

Helen MacKenzie Bell (Green)

Jane Mceachen (UKIP)

Jean Murray (Conservative)

Steven Alan Phillips (Labour)


David Arthur (Independent)

Jay Beyer (Liberal Democrat)

Wayne Kavanagh (Conservative)

Josephine Mudzingwa (Labour)

Allie Wilson Craw (Green)


Lisa Ferasin (Labour)

David Wallace Lilly (Conservative)

John Graham Morley (Green)


Ian William Appleby (Green)

Stephen Patrick Bones (Conservative)

Graeme Cansdale (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Rebecca O’Keefe (Labour)

Jack James Thomson (UKIP)


Steve Cox (Labour)

Penny Remfrey (Green)

Olly Scargill (Conservative)


John Hoare (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Pamela Ann Hood (UKIP)

Sophie Joanna McGlin (Green)

Steven Paul Robinson (Conservative)

Willie Samuel (Labour and co-operate party)


Laura Marley (Green)

Tricia Neira (Labour)

Robert White (Conservative)


Deb Altman (Green)

Val Jamieson (Labour)

John Ord (Conservative)

Nathan Kieran Mather Shone (Liberal Democrat)


Victoria Mary Bones (Conservative)

Steve Manchee (Green)

Joan Isabel Walker (Labour)

Monkseaton North

Joe Kirwin (Labour)

David Nisbet (Lib Dem)

George Partis (Conservative)

Claire Emma Wedderman (Green)

Monkseaton South

Sean Michael Brockbank (Conservative)

Martin James Murphy (Labour)

Neil Oliver Percival (Green)


Alice Felicity Baines (Green)

Linda Isobel Bell (Labour)

Haylee Elizabeth Josendale (Conservative)


Frank Steven Austin (Independent)

Cath Davis (Labour and co-operative party)

Neil David Graham (Conservative)

Jackson William Hugh (UKIP)

Rob Wylie (Green)


William George Jarrett (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition)

Maureen Jeffrey (Conservative)

Nick Martin (Green)

Charles Bruce Pickard (Labour)

St Mary’s

Janet Elizabeth Appleby (Liberal Democrat)

Allison Austin (Independent)

Pamela McIntyre (Conservative)

Grant Michael Morris (Labour)

Kate Percival (Green)


Sarah Louise Day (Labour)

Henry Marshall (UKIP)

Ian McAlpine (Conservative)

Simon Richard Smithson (Green)


Brian Burdis (Labour)

Gordon Fletcher (Reform UK)

Roger Werner Maier (Green)

Julian Pratt (Conservative)


Julia Hayward (Green)

Ian Jones (Conservative)

Louise Dolores Marshall (Labour)

Harriet Annabella Stanway (Conservative)


Daniel John Elsom (Liberal Democrat)

Michelle Maria Fox (Labour)

Trish Gargett (Conservative)

Whitley Bay

Gordon Bell (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition)

Margaret Hall (Labour)

Stewart Thomas Hay (Conservative)

Alan Steele (Green)

Who are the candidates for South Tyneside Council?

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19 councillors will be elected onto the council on 5 May, below is a list of the candidates and the wards they are standing in.

Beacon and Bents

Fay Cunningham (Labour)

Ali Hayder (Conservatives)

Sarah Jean McKeown (Green)

David Wood (Independent)


John Michael Chilton (Green)

Stephen Dean (Labour)

Bill Smith (Conservatives)

Joanna Tuck (Independent)

Biddick and All Saints

Mark Ashley Auton (Conservatives)

Katharine Emma Maxwell (Labour)

Rachel Milne (Green)

Boldon Colliery

Peter Collins (Green)

Simon Kevin Oliver (Independent)

Vincent John Richardson (North East)

Alison Strike (Labour)

Donald Wood (Conservative)

Cleadon and East Boldon

David Herbert (Green)

Philip Toulson (Labour)

Stan Wildhirt (Conservatives)

Cleadon Park

Jim Foreman (Labour)

Steven Alexander Harrison (Independent)

John Gordon Riley (Green)

Chris Sanderson (Conservatives)

Fellgate and Hedworth

Ian Jason Diamond (Independent)

Nicky Glynn (Green)

Geraldine Margaret Teresa Kilgour (Labour and Cooperative)

David Albert Morris (Independent)

Anthony Maurice Spinks (Conservative)


Michael Henry Clare (Labour)

Chloe Joanne Grant (Conservative)

Neil Maxwell (Labour)

Lawrence Nolan (Independent)

Sophie-Jane Williams (Green)

Hebburn North

Costi Dumitru (Conservative)

Emmanuel John Velasco Michael (Green)

Richie Porthouse (Labour)

Hebburn South

Brian Goodman (Independent)

Angela Lamonte (Labour)

Tia Jade McMurray Sinclair (Conservative)

Colin Robert Tosh (Green)

Horsley Hill

Phil Brown (Independent)

Carl Duncan (Conservative)

Eileen Leask (Labour)

Carrie Danielle Richardson (Green)


Rhiannon Sian Curtis (Green)

Paul Dean (Labour)

Simon Mark Salloway (Conservative)

Marian Elizabeth Stead (Independent)


Kevin Alderson (Green)

John Andrew Robertson (Independent)

Moira Smith (Labour and Cooperative)

Margaret Theresa Snowling (Conservative)

Simonside and Rekendyke

Leyla Al-Sayadi (Green)

Julie Angela Angell (Independent)

Lynne Ann Proudlock (Labour)

Craig Slater (Conservative)

West Park

Moyra Day (Conservative)

Andrew James Guy (Green)

Masuda Piya Rahman (Labour)


Paul Daniel Brenen (Independent)

Georgie Holt (Green)

Nigel Mark Reedman (Independent)

Michelle Teresa Turnbull (Labour)

Whitburn and Marsden

Jane Carter (Labour)

Rachel Louise Lowe (Green)

Dawn Wildhirt (Conservative)


Ken Dawes (Labour)

Bethany Dionne Telford (Green)

Heidi Wildhirt (Conservative)

Kenneth George Wood (Independent)