Newcastle property market: these are the most expensive areas to buy a home

All the top three neighbourhoods are side-by-side

If you could move anywhere in Newcastle, where would it be?

Over recent weeks there has been plenty talk of The Golden Triangle in Jesmond, which is becoming a hotspot for big money earners such as Newcastle United's star players.

NewcastleWorld also looked at a Northumberland street where properties were selling for multi-million pounds without fail.

Now, using figures sourced from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), we can see the average sale price in each of Newcastle's neighbourhoods.

No longer is just one pricey street going to top the chart, the data shows the neighbourhood as a whole.

The figures, sourced from the ONS using Land Registry data, shows the median price paid in each neighbourhood in the 12 months to June 2021.

In Newcastle, the most pricey neighbourhood is Coxlodge & West Gosforth with houses going for £350,000 on average.

South Gosforth is close behind in second place, with an average of £337,00.

The final neighbourhood in top three is North Gosforth, showing a real hub of wealth to the north of the city.

What’s the most expensive Newcastle neighbourhood? (Image: Adobe Stock)

However, the average price of a property in North Gosforth does drop down to £296,000.

Looking at the other end of the list, it's Walker where it's cheapest to buy in Newcastle.

Both Walker North and Walker South make up the bottom two, sharing an average house price of £90,000.

It will come as no surprise that London has some of the priciest areas to buy property in the whole of England.

In fact, the 20 most expensive neighbourhoods in England - where you will need at least £1.2 million to get on the property ladder - can all be found in the capital city.

If you have a generous budget, Knightsbridge, Belgravia & Hyde Park in Westminster may be the place for you.

This exclusive London neighbourhood has the highest property prices in the whole of the country and will set you back a cool £2.83 million, on average, to move there.