Newcastle United co-owner Jamie Reuben at heart of 9,000 jobs boost to city

The Reuben development will be home to 9,000 city centre workers from 2027.

<p>The HMRC offices are moving (Image: Newcastle City Council / Getty Images)</p>

The HMRC offices are moving (Image: Newcastle City Council / Getty Images)

Newcastle United owner Jamie Reuben is at the heart of the HMRC's blockbuster move to Pilgrim's Quarter in the city centre.

Thousands of Government employees will work from the new office, which is touted to be the city's biggest ever office let.

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The nine-storey office will bring an eye-watering 9,000 workers into the city centre and will be built on the site of the former Odeon Cinema.

The HMRC development is expected to open in 2027 and will see the current 6,500 employees based in Benton Park View move to the new site.

The longstanding Longbenton site has been home to the HMRC since the 1940s and is where agencies including The Pension, Jobcentre Plus and Disability and Carers' Service work from.

What does Jamie Reuben have to do with it?

The Reuben brothers are at the heart of the Pilgrim Square development, which will welcome the new HMRC offices.

The Reuben Brothers are a leader in real estate investment and development, previously working on racecourses, pubs, aerodromes, media centres and more.

The Reuben's Newcastle development scheme stretches three city blocks from Northumberland Street to north of the Tyne Bridge and is "one of the most strategically important regeneration schemes in the city".

As well as the former Odeon cinema, the area encompasses Commercial Union House, the Grade II listed Carliol House, the former Magistrates Court, Police Station and Fire Station and the Grade II listed Worswick Chambers.

Jamie Reuben welcomed the arrival of the HMRC offices and posted on Twitter saying: "Welcome this news and the 9k jobs it will eventually bring to Newcastle."

What do Newcastle Council have to say?

Cllr Nick Forbes (second from left), here launching Newcastle’s bid to hose the 2018 European Cup Finals, backed the project (Image: Getty Images)

Cllr Nick Forbes, Leader of Newcastle City Council, said: “This is fantastic news for Newcastle and anyone who has a stake in the success of the city centre.

“Having a new development for 9,000 workers in the heart of the city will be great for transport operators, retailers and the hospitality trade. It will not only boost our economy but bring huge social value to the city as it continues to be transformed after the pandemic.

“It shows confidence in our vision and the £50 million city centre transformation plan we launched earlier this year and comes on the back of organisations like the Home Group, Homes England, Monstarlab and others, choosing the city as their first choice for attracting and retaining great people.

“All these developments will bring a huge economic stimulus which is just what we need, and I wholeheartedly welcome it.

“All planning applications are of course subject to the scrutiny of the independent planning process.”

What does it mean for Newcastle United?

Newcastle United Director, Jamie Reuben walks to the stadium during the Premier League match between Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur at St. James Park on October 17, 2021 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Despite its links with the football club's new owners, the new HMRC offices won't have any direct impact on Newcastle United.

It does, however, highlight the Reubens' keenness to invest in the city and the type of business their presence will help bring. recently looked into what the club's takeover will mean for the tourism industry in the city.

The arrival of 9,000 city centre workers will also be a huge boost for independent businesses in Newcastle which have suffered from the rise in homeworking, as the site found out recently.

Replying to Jamie Reuben's Tweet, Newcastle United fans praised the initiative.

One said: "Great news for the city and people in and around Newcastle."

Another wrote: "This is exactly why I wanted the takeover to happen.

"Yes we have our soul back and yes we now have a future but I believed the new owners when they said they would invest in the city.

"Absolute great news and I'm proud to have you as an owner of #nufc thank you."

One other said: "And to think people thought the takeover of our club was JUST about the football club!

"Great investment in the city as well, which is much needed and long overdue."