Study shows Newcastle is the second ‘Most British city’ in the UK

Newcastle ranked in second place thanks to a number of ‘typically British’ factors including number of pubs and rainy days.

A study has revealed Newcastle ranks in second place for the “Most British city” in the UK.

Research curated by Vendula London in the run-up to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June ranked cities across the country by several “typically British” factors.

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Some factors included the number of pubs in the city and annual days of its rainfall, along with how many National Trust locations a city has and how many fish and chip shops there are per 100,000 people.

Researchers ranked cities by their varying factors and Newcastle came in at the second spot, beaten only by Truro, Cornwall.

In ranking at number two, the researchers found that Newcastle had 114 pubs per 100,000 people, 252 fish and chip shops per 100,000 people, an average of 134.1 rainy days and four National Trust sites.

This was enough to beat the likes of Bangor, Gwynedd and Durham to the second-place spot, with the latter two coming third and fourth respectively.

Newcastle was ranked in second thanks to the number of pubs, fish and chip shops and rainy days

A spokesperson for Vendula London said: “The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is the perfect time for us all to celebrate our British identities and be genuinely proud of the country we live in and the values we all hold so dearly.

“From getting fish and chips on a Friday night to visiting some of our local National Trust sites, these are the things that make us Brits who we are and set us apart from the rest of the world.

“Whether you live in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, we can all celebrate this extra special occasion together in our unique ways.”