Where does your GP rank?Where does your GP rank?
Where does your GP rank?

The 12 worst-rated GPs in Newcastle and Gateshead for appointment availability

These are the best and worst GPs in the area to find an appoitment at according to patients.

These are the 12 GPs in Newcastle and Gateshead that are the worst, and best rated, for customer satisfaction when it comes to booking an appointment.

New data published by NHS England shows what people think about their doctor’s surgery.

The latest GP Patient Survey produced by Ipsos on behalf of NHS England asked people across the country what they think about many aspects of their care, including the appointment booking process.

The survey contacted 2.5 million people between 10 January and 11 April this year to gather information on how patients feel about their local GP practice and in total just under 720,000 forms were returned, representing a 29% response rate.

Across England, almost a quarter (23.4%) of respondents said the overall process of booking appointments was ‘very good’, a third (32.8%) rated it as ‘fairly good’ and 17.9% said it was ‘neither good nor poor’.

However not everyone was as impressed with the process of booking appointments, with 13.5% of people saying it was ‘fairly poor’ and 12.4% describing it as ‘very poor’.

Using Newcastle Central Station as a starting point, NewcastleWorld looked at the 12 geographically closest GPs in order of the best rated to worst rated - some are in Newcastle and some are in Gateshead.

Only those included in the NHS GP Patient Surgery data have been included.