Tyne and Wear Fire Service axe work with Russian energy giants Gazprom

Gazprom will no longer supply the emergency services with energy

The Tyne and Wear Fire Service (TWRS) has axed their work with Russian national energy provider Gazprom as the Ukraine crisis deepens.

Gazprom has supplied the emergency service with gas for the last five years.

In 2019, with sales over $120,000,000,000, Gazprom was named as Russia’s largest company by revenue.

However, the TWRS will now find another supplier to distance themselves from the unfolding events in Ukraine.

The announcement follows Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposing sanctions that were "largest and most severe Russia has ever seen" on the country.

A statement released by TWRS on Friday, March 4 doesn't explicitly acknowledge the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but intentions are clear.

Chris Lowther, Chief Fire Officer for Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, said: "Today I can confirm that as of 1st April 2022, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service and multi-technical services supplier EQUANS will be ending our gas supply contract with Russian national energy provider Gazprom for the Tyne and Wear PFI Estate.

"We will be sourcing the gas provision from an alternative supplier in moving forward, and Gazprom won’t be invited to tender for any future available contracts.”

TWRS' announcement came the day after a motion to implore the Government to do more in welcoming Ukrainian refugees was passed unanimously at council.

Immediate family members will be able to join Ukrainians settled in the UK (Photo: Getty Images)

Councillor Shatwell, who once lived in Ukraine, led the bill and gave an emotive speech.

After sharing anecdotes from friends, Cllr Shatwell said: "Other messages ask for help to transport humanitarian aid, blankets and bedding, baby clothes and diapers.

"One friend describes her mum, sister and two nephews held in traffic for three days.

"Those who aren't able to leave have come under explosions, gunshots and bombs.

"The sound has been described as 'ringing silence, then sirens crawling under your skin, then occasional blasts then sirens again'.

"In Kyiv, a family has settled in a basement shelter, elsewhere a woman gives birth to her baby in a metro station bomb shelter."