Shoppers at The British Red Cross (Getty Images)Shoppers at The British Red Cross (Getty Images)
Shoppers at The British Red Cross (Getty Images)

Sustainable fashion: The best charity shops in Newcastle for vintage style

 Love Island contestants have ditched fast-fashion to promote sustainability - here are the best second-hand shops in Newcastle.

From eBay’s partnership with Love Island to the millions of views thrifting videos have racked up on TikTok, it has never been more trendy to shop second-hand.

The High Street is full of charity shops that are stocked with vintage items from designer brands and even unworn donations that embrace current trends.

Celebrity fashion stylist Miranda Holder has counted Little Mix, Vanessa Williams and even Boy George among her clients.

The 42-year-old, who boasts over 20,000 Instagram followers and has recently launched her own YouTube channel, recommends visiting charity shops frequently to find the best deals.

Speaking to Newcastle World, Miranda said: “It’s all about keeping your eyes open for any hidden treasure, and really it’s more about getting lucky. The more frequently you pop in the better your chances of striking sartorial gold.

“Make friends with the store assistants and let them know your tastes - there could well be some hidden treasures in the stock room that haven’t made it to the shop floor yet.

“I have picked up a beautiful Military Jacket and some gorgeous paste jewellery that I wear time and time again. Accessories are one of the easiest and best things to pick up, as they can often be quite unique and make such a difference to your outfit.”

Miranda explained that there are numerous ways to give pre-loved clothes a new lease of life, saying: “Vintage clothing tends to be better made than most modern garments so can stand up to alterations and tweaks.

“Take it to a tailor to make it your own, dye it, customise with embellishments or remove the best features such as the buttons to use on another garment.”

Here’s our guide to the best charity shops in Newcastle.