Booming vocals and an uber-tight corset: Sigrid proves she is Geordie at heart with blistering Newcastle show

Sigrid’s genius once again lies in authenticity as the ‘Sucker Punch’ star delivered a flawless set to the Geordie crowd.

It's a noisy Wednesday night in Newcastle when Sigrid fans stroll over to the O2 City Hall to catch the endearing Norweigan on her How To Let Go Tour.

Strolling along Northumberland Street before the show, the sound of balmy Newcastle United fans at St. James' Park united with the plinky plonky tunes of the newly launched Fenwick Christmas Window display for a classically chaotic weeknight in the party city. Bounding on stage at 9 pm sharp with a beaming smile, it's clear Sigrid is up for a party.

At multiple points in the star's set, she hints at feeling a special connection with the Geordie crowd - before playing ballad 'Home To You', a ditty dedicated to Sigrid's hometown of Alesund, the singer pauses to admit it shares similarities with Newcastle (largely, the rain).

It's impossible not to fall head over heels for the singer, who burst onto the scene with single 'Don't Kill My Vibe' back in 2017. There's not a gimmick in sight as the 26-year-old delivers a confident set backed up with some of the industry's strongest vocals. Even a corset, which Sigrid admits she's done up far too tight early on, doesn't manage to cramp her style as she treats the City Hall crowd to hits old and new.

Opener 'It Gets Dark' is a tour de force and whilst hits from 2019 debut record Sucker Punch remain real highlights, new material is received equally as well by a crowd who last welcomed the singer to their city three years ago. In particular, ‘A Driver Saved My Night’ and ‘Burning Bridges’ come to life on stage.

Sigrid is at her best with the full band blaring and her powerhouse voice rallying fans in anthemic feel-good pop, the star admits that's the case before she slows things down halfway through the night. Nonetheless, moments such as an acoustic version of Bring Me the Horizon collab 'Bad Life' are breathtaking.

Towards the end of the night, Sigrid jumps back on stage after the classic 'this is my last song' gag for a final flurry of pop - with a now loosened corset so nothing is holding her back, the star jokes.

Radio smash 'Don't Feel Like Crying' and How To Let Go lead single 'Mirror' round of the night in style. Sigrid's genius lies in her authenticity and, as Wednesday night in Newcastle proves, it's flawless stuff.