Newcastle ranks as fourth best UK city for cheap eats beating Brighton, Middlesbrough and Leicester

Prices may be rising, but Newcastle is still much cheaper than other cities

Newcastle has been touted as the fourth-best city in the UK to score a cheap meal.

Research conducted by Small Business Prices crunched the numbers into how many cheap eats there are in each city, as well as their quality, different dietary options and capacity to deliver.

It's not a surprise to see Newcastle at the top end of the charts, with prices in the North East still much cheaper than elsewhere in the UK, despite the recent cost of living rise.

According to the data, 35.72% of establishments in Newcastle are offering 'cheap eats'.

That figure puts Newcastle above fifth placed Stoke (34%) as well as nearby Middlesbrough (32%) and cities further afield in Leicester (31%) and Brighton (30%).

Blackpool ranked top with 45% whilst Southampton (40%) and Plymouth (38%) placed second and third respectively.

The wide range of data looked at also studied the highest percentage of top-tier food outlets in each city.

It’s still relatively cheap to eat out in Newcastle (Image: Getty Images)

Newcastle placed a very strong fifth for the number of five-star ranked restaurants.

The average rating of a food business in the city is a cool 4.19 and 20% have a prestigious five-star satisfaction to their name based on TripAdvisor reviews.

London topped that list with Cambridge, Edinburgh and York making up the list between the capital and Newcastle.