Police confronted with nasty surprise after responding to worried calls about ‘intoxicated’ drivers

The sleepy couple turned out to be not so drowsy when confronted by police

Multiple members of the public made worried calls to police officers on Monday morning as two people seemed to be unconcious in the front of a car near Nuns Moor.

However, the situation wasn’t as it first seemed when Northumbria Police arrived on Fowberry Crescent at 8:30 am.

Upon officers’ arrival, one of the occupants got out of the car and punched a paramedic, before spitting at an officer.

The man, aged 28, was arrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker and a woman aged 31 was also arrested on suspicion of attempting to drive whilst being unfit through either alcohol or drugs. They have since been released under investigation.

After the pair were taken into custody, searches of the car revealed a number of packets of a white powder in the vehicle, which was then subsequently seized and an investigation launched.

Detective Inspector Aaron Nichol from Northumbria police said: “Understandably members of the public were concerned when they saw what they thought was an unresponsive man and woman behind the wheel of a car, and we are thankful to those who got in touch and reported this to us.

The incident happened on Fowberry Crescent (Image: Google Streetview)
The incident happened on Fowberry Crescent (Image: Google Streetview)
The incident happened on Fowberry Crescent (Image: Google Streetview)

“We have seized a quantity of drugs and an investigation into the circumstances of the incident remains ongoing.

“We are clear in our message that anyone found to be under the influence of drink of drugs behind the wheel of a car will be dealt with robustly as these are dangerous actions which can put the public at risk and cause serious harm.”

He added: “I hope our message is also clear that we will not tolerate the use of violence or any kind of abuse towards our officers or emergency service workers.”