The pricey ‘pure class’ meal Newcastle United striker Alexander Isak dined on at swanky Tyneside restaurant

Alexander Isak has a taste for goals and, clearly, a taste for a luxurious meal too.

A waiter who served Newcastle United striker Alexander Isak at plush city centre restaurant Miller and Carter has given the lowdown on the "pure class" choice the talisman made from the menu.

The Magpies forward, who signed for the club this summer for a fee of around £58 million, is currently battling an injury picked up on international duty.

As such, Isak withdrew from his Sweden national side duties over the international break to return home - where he was spotted dining out in Newcastle.

The 23-year-old chose one of the city's most upmarket restaurants for his meal, walking into Miller & Carter on Mosley Street. The restaurant is known for its stylish take on a classic steakhouse and prides itself on its hearty selection of meats.

One of the waiters who claimed to have served Isak took to Reddit straight after his shift to tell all about his experience.

Alexander Isak is currently battling an injury (Image: Getty Images)

The user said he treated the big-money signing like any other customer for the night, before asking for a photo on his way out.

He said: "Whenever a footballer or a celebrity comes in I treat them like a normal guest, and then when the bill arrives I ask them politely if they wouldn't mind taking a quick picture with the staff on their way out.

"It's also why I never ask about injuries or anything to do with their career whilst they're here. They're there to enjoy a meal, not to be yapped at about whatever is going on in their work life."

Miller & Carter prides itself on its steak dishes (Image: Mitchells & Butlers)

The waiter also told fans what Isak ordered whilst at the restaurant - a Cote de Boeuf served medium, which the staff member labelled as a "pure class choice".

The Miller & Carter menu describes the dish as: "The ultimate ribeye sharing experience – aged and served on the bone for a deep flavour. Its fine marbling caramelises when cooked for a succulent taste."

The 2,355-calorie dish is recommended to serve two but can be "for one to enjoy if hungry" and costs a cool £59.95 on the menu.