Angels of the North’s Sammyjo: “It’s great to see people inspired by us”

We spoke to the main star of the BBC reality tv series ahead of series four

We sat down with Sammyjo Pearson, the main star of BBC’s Newcastle based reality TV show, Angels of the North, for an exclusive interview. Sammyjo told us all about what to expect for series four of the show, how her love-life is going and what it’s like to represent the North East on TV.

The first thing we asked her was if she was excited for series four to air on Monday. Angels of the North will air weekly on TV, however all episodes will be uploaded to BBCiPlayer at 6am on Monday October 17.  “I’m so excited!” she said, explaining that filming went by in a blur, so watching it unfold on TV will be like reliving it all again. “Best believe I’m setting an alarm for 6am to watch it,” she said.

The last time we saw Sammyjo on our screens, the show ended on a bittersweet note when her relationship came to an end. Although sad about the break-up, Sammyjo came away from the experience with even more self-worth and strength than she already had. “It’s just one of them things I’ve got to get through and I will,” she said on the very last episode of series three.  Speaking with Sammyjo, it is clear that her resilience, strength and confidence is still shining through. “I think men are scared of me because I have a business and that can put them off.” But she further explains that if that is the case, they are not the right man for her.

Sammyjo Pearson

So what else has been going on with the girls of Longlox Super Salon and the rest of the stars of the show? Well, Sammyjo explains how it has been a super busy time for them all, and we will see it all happen in the new episodes. “So much happened in a short space of time! I was a godmother twice so attended two christenings and we all went to The Hoppings, Pride, the races and much more!” We also asked Sammyjo about her house, which she has been in the process of building since the show first aired in 2019. “I’m in it!” she said excitedly. She describes the house as “a bit of a building site but liveable.”

In series three, we saw the addition of Pure Ink 3 owner Shane and his sister Jade to our screens alongside the ABC Boxing Club located in Bilton Hall. We asked Sammyjo how it felt to share the screen, and she explained that she was delighted. “I’ve known Shane and Jade since we were kids, I used to look after them! It’s lovely.”

Angels of the North represents the North East in a positive light, showing young business owners every day lives alongside professional highs and lows. We asked Sammyjo how she feels about being on TV, she said: “It’s great to see that people are inspired by us, and get to see and love Newcastle.” She continues: “Sometimes I get noticed in supermarkets and asked for photos. It’s lovely but I’m still just me!”